About us

Kanijune is a label that started making handmade jewelry in 2019. The jewelry is made with care and is designed to keep its shape and color for a long time. The golden pieces are selected pieces of jewelery that are made from high-quality materials and thus perfectly complement our handmade pieces.

We use many natural materials, such as pearls, or try to make new pieces from old jewelry. The sustainability of the pieces is also very important to us, as they contain natural materials and no plastic, and the packaging is sent to you without plastic. Our pieces are also a sustainable product in terms of their longevity, as they are very durable thanks to the natural material in combination with stainless steel.

 Stainless steel - the go-to material for jewelry

There is a good reason why our pieces are only made of stainless steel. Stainless steel withstands weather and water without rusting. It is also skin-friendly and nickel-free. Many of our golden pieces are therefore also made of stainless steel under their gilding. The gold plating also withstands water and sweat. Nevertheless, gold-plated jewelry lasts even longer if you take care of it from time to time.

So you have your pieces for a long time!

In July 2022 we launched kanijune cosmetics. This is skincare with only non-toxic ingredients and highly effective active ingredient complexes that care for and strengthen your skin in a complete daily routine and help you to achieve a healthy, even and radiant skin complexion. Clean beauty is not a trend for us, but important for the body and the environment. Our goal is to provide your skin with all the active ingredients that are important for slow-aging, strengthened and healthy skin, so that your skin can regenerate itself and withstand environmental influences.

The idea started with the fact that we have been dealing with cosmetic ingredients for years and have tried many things, but for someone who does not have enough time or interest to deal with cosmetics, we want to provide a routine that does not have any negative side effects. Unfortunately, in today's cosmetics industry, a lot of fillers are used, that have a hormonal effect or are even carcinogenic. Likewise, active ingredients are used that will make your skin look good, but have a negative impact on the environment after rinsing them into our water cycle in the evening. These are also only effective for a short time, as they close your skin and make it more difficult to absorb good active ingredients. These silicones, parabens and microplastics are therefore not present in any of our products. They are vegan, cruelty free and all stay-on products are fragrance-free, as these and essential oils only irritate the skin unnecessarily.

The formulations developed with experts have a regulating and balancing effect that makes your skin glow. The individual products complement each other for the ideal care of your skin, without worrying about ingredients, the correct use of active ingredients and polluting the environment.

Your carefree daily routine for clear, healthy and radiant skin.

            No Toxins, no plastics, no worries. For everyone.

Thank you for being here! <3


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