Clean Cosmetics - What does that mean?

Clean Cosmetics - Clean cosmetics means 'pure' cosmetics and avoids harmful ingredients, making them particularly well-tolerated.

In today's cosmetics industry, fillers are often used due to cost factors. These can range from hormonally active to carcinogenic. Similarly, environmentally relevant ingredients are included. The following are ingredients to be avoided:

Phthalates - plasticizers that are hormonally active and accumulate in the body
Parabens - preservative that also accumulates in the body, hormonally active
Paraffins - mineral oil-based, environmentally relevant and seal off the skin, can be deposited in organs PEG/Emulsifiers - weaken the skin barrier
Silicones - seal off the skin, make it look good but don't nourish it, environmentally relevant
Microplastics - adhere to the skin and then enter the water, environmentally relevant, in nano form they enter the body through the skin
Nanoparticles - penetrate the skin so it can get into your cells and blood stream - which we do not want!
Aluminum (-salts) - enter the body, have an impact on the nervous system and fertility Although these are only usable in certain quantities according to the guidelines for cosmetics in Europe and Germany, one applies the creams every day and then stays on the skin for the day or night. So why come into contact with such ingredients if they can be avoided?

Especially for allergy sufferers and sensitive skin types, it is difficult to find the right products. In addition, these substances can also have a negative effect on your skin:

Perfume - irritates the skin and can cause skin irritations especially for sensitive skin types.
Essential oils - have the same irritating effect on the skin. Certain fragrances are even worse than just being irritating. But not all fragrances have a health effect, yet they remain skin irritating.

Unfortunately, natural cosmetics are not free of such questionable and harmful ingredients.

Even substances such as many chemical UV filters often have a hormonal effect. Although they are only a very small factor compared to other hormonally active substances, why not completely do without them? These include:

Octocrylene and homosalate
Cosmetics are thus a very complex topic and require time to deal with. From this point of view, our cosmetics range was created. There are countless products on the market, and finding the right ones and being able to recognize them can be difficult. That's why it was important to us that our skincare does not belong to these products.

Clean cosmetics means that the formulations do not contain any of these substances and only ingredients that give your skin what it needs to protect the skin barrier, withstand environmental influences, moisturize, slow down skin aging, and provide a healthy, radiant complexion.

Controversial ingredients are avoided - for you and for the environment. <3

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