Necklace layering: tips and tricks for the perfect look

Necklace Layering: Tipps und Tricks für den perfekten Look
Necklace layering is a trendy jewelry style that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This style makes it possible to cleverly combine several necklaces to create an individual and fashionable look. If you're looking for inspiration and instructions for the perfect necklace layering, you've come to the right place!

Why necklace layering? 

Diversity: One of the main attractions of necklace layering is its versatility. By combining different necklace lengths, styles and pendants, you can effortlessly switch from a casual day look to an elegant evening look.

Personal expression: Necklace layering is a great way to express your personality and individual style. You can combine different elements to create a look that is completely your own.

On-trend: Many are sporting stacked necklaces these days, which is helping to make necklace layering a real trend. With the right layering, you can make sure your jewelry game is up to date.

Tipps for the perfect necklace layering

1. Vary your necklace lengths: Combine necklaces in different lengths to achieve harmonious layering. A short necklace, like our "You're my fave" necklace, a medium length necklace, like our Heart of Gold necklace, and a long necklace, like our Kani necklace, are a good starting point.

2. Mix different styles: experiment with different styles, from delicate gold chains, such as our Golden Shine necklace, to more eye-catching statement pieces, such as our Late Summer Cherry necklace.

3. Consider the neckline: match your necklace layering to the neckline of your outfit. A V-neckline, for example, works well for longer necklaces, while a round neckline is suitable for layers of different lengths.

4. Adding charms: Add chains with different charms to give your look a personal touch. This could be an initial, a symbol or even an animal. Ideal for this: our Dancing Dolphin necklace. In our Charms & Pendants category, you will also find many pendants that you can mix and match.

5. Balance the proportions: Make sure that the different elements of your necklace layering are well balanced with each other. This ensures an aesthetic and balanced look.

Final thoughts

Necklace layering offers endless possibilities to customize and update your jewelry style. Experiment with different combinations to find your unique look. Whether you like a simple, everyday style or an eye-catching look for special occasions, necklace layering allows you to let your creativity run wild. Get your favorite pieces from Kanijune now and create a stunning look with the trendy necklace layering trend.


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