Fall jewelry & accessory trends 2023: Conquer the season

Herbstliche Schmuck & Accessoire Trends 2023: Erobere die Saison
Fall is here, and that means it's time to stock up your jewelry and accessories wardrobe. In this article, we present the hottest trends for fall 2023 jewelry and accessories. Prepare now to conquer the season in style!

Fashionable fall jewelry trends

The fashionable pieces of jewelry for autumn 2023 are characterized above all by expressiveness and boldness. Here we find unusual combinations of colors, shapes and textures.

Fall colors in jewelry

The autumnal color palette is a real treat for the eyes. Red and earth tones are trendier than ever. Combine these colors with your jewelry, be it in the form of earrings or necklaces, to create a trendy autumnal look. Add a splash of color to your autumn outfit with our Rosie or Pink Pave ring. A particularly beautiful accessory for your hair: our Flower Clip.

Earrings in fall

Earrings go with every fall outfit. The bigger the better? Then our Big Hoops or our Lulu Hoops are just the thing for you. Both are available in gold and silver. If you prefer a more subtle look, you definitely need our Oval Hoops or our Golden Heart Hoops - they will brighten up your outfit.

Necklaces with pendants and delicate long necklaces

Necklaces with pendants are another top trend this fall. Choose pendants that match your personality, be it animal pendants like our Dancing Dolphin necklace, an elegant piece like our Kani necklace, or a heart necklace like our Heart of Gold necklace. Not only are they totally on trend, but they are also the perfect gift with a special message.

When we think of autumnal jewelry, the first things that come to mind are warm turtlenecks, cozy sweaters and thick woven scarves. So it's the perfect time to wear long, delicate necklaces with pendants that fit in perfectly with the season.

Bracelets and bangles

Bracelets are also becoming increasingly popular among the jewelry trends in autumn 2023. You can stack your bracelets however you like and combine them however you like. If you want something subtle, we recommend our Delicate bracelet in gold or silver. Our Lola bracelet is also available in both versions. Are you more of a fan of bangles and solid bracelets? Then we have our Golden Bracelet for you and more to come!

The 2023 fall season promises to be an exciting time for jewelry and accessories. Use the Kanijune trends to give your fall look that certain something.

Have fun putting together your fits! <3

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